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Splatoon 2 PC Download is easy to love. It's colorful and quirky and unafraid to be different, and it's consistently a blast to play. As far as shooters go, its unique movement mechanics stand out and make each match exciting. And while the logistics of its multiplayer aren't perfect, Splatoon 2 PC Download is a vibrant and exuberant sequel with enough fresh additions and changes to set it apart from the original.. If this sounds bizarre, well, you live in a post-apocalypse where marine life evolved unexpectedly. In this world, squid kids are in a never-ending war against humanoid octopi, all over decreasing energy sources and vanishing landmasses. Splatoon 2 PC Download lore is absurd, and I like it.Splatoon 2 PC Download games are known for their multiplayer but once again, the single-player campaign is quite good. For those of us who played the first game, the stakes in the solo mode are immediate: Callie, the pop star singer featured in Splatoon 1, has gone missing, and it’s your job to find out what happened to her.Once inside, the actual levels are a surrealist mash-up of floating platforms and mutated sea life.

Splatoon 2 PC Download Splatoon 2 PC Download


The goal is almost always the same: collect the energy source at the end of the level. Within that structure, Splatoon 2 PC Download constantly switches the finer details. In one level, you might find yourself grinding up ink rails, or riding around on your enemies, if not trying out all sorts of inventive weapons. My favorites include an umbrella shotgun, and a literal bucket of paint.Between the original arsenal, the guns added in post-launch updates, and the new ones introduced in Splatoon 2 PC Download, there’s plenty of ink-based weaponry to choose from, and yet each type has distinct uses. There’s the fast and furious Inkbrush that covers ground quickly, contrasted with the Slosher that manages to turn a literal bucket of ink into a deadly close-range weapon. One of my favorites of the new batch is the Dualies, dual-pistol style weapons that have a great rate of fire and also let you quickly dodge-roll when firing to strafe enemies and release a concentrated burst of ink. Swimming through ink introduces a wide variety of possibilities. You can climb up walls, and fall through grates.You can whiz around your enemy at mach speed. You can hide in a puddle of ink until the perfect ambush presents itself. Matches might only last three minutes, but the number of things that can happen during that timeframe is almost overwhelming.

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Paying to scrub unwanted extra traits to make room for new ones leaves chunks of those abilities behind to apply to other gear, letting you mix and match from your inventory, or you can try your luck at unlocking different bonuses to replace the old ones that better align with your playstyle.A lot of the preceding might sound familiar to the millions of people who played the first Splatoon. It’s why some fans debate whether Splatoon 2 PC Download is worth calling a full sequel.The whole game feels good, not just in the manner of it being fun or it being satisfying to pull off a win. Like the first game, some of Splatoon 2 PC Download offers a neon take on skating culture, skateparks, spray paint, and all. Nintendo has also added a terrific co-op component to the game. It’s called Salmon Run and is a horde mode where two to four players fight an ocean of enemies while collecting eggs for a grizzly bear. It’s all set on an oil platform surrounded by irradiated, toxic waste. You are there on behalf of a corporation that, I’m guessing, probably had you sign a waiver just to be there. The whole thing is sketchy.Enemies come in waves, sludging up the terrain with their ink. Each round, players get a random weapon, and with it, a constantly shifting role to play.Thankfully, even if Nintendo’s online for Splatoon 2 PC Download is bungled and functional at best, the game is helped a lot by being on the Switch, a console that other people actually own.

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